Our Story

RUSTIC VIEW HOME AND GARDENS combines the best of two long-standing local companies to provide the ultimate landscape service—from retail sales, to landscape design and build, to turf management services…and everything in between.

Launched April 1, 2017 this new garden center provides customers with 50 years of combined experience: from Gary’s Garden Center, opened in 1993 by Gary Garner and son Nelson as one greenhouse and grown into what you see today; and from CLC, which started in 2001 with two brothers and a push mower and has now grown to a full-service landscaping company with 25 team members.

Rustic View Home and Gardens uses this 50 years of collective experience to bring customers not only the goods and services that they need, but also the information they need to make the best decisions about exterior projects. This combined experience allows us to design, install and maintain a worry-free landscape for customers.

Owner Operator Chris Templeton wanted to expand into the retail market because of the desire to share his years of knowledge and passion for landscaping with a wider clientele. He believes customers should be able to make well-educated decisions—regardless of whether they ultimately use Rustic View’s services. Rustic View can help educate customers on many subjects, including proper base installation for retaining walls and patios, as well as proper plant spacing—not just at the time of installation but also at mature size.

Chris is also passionate about turf care—from proper mowing techniques to fertilization programs. Rustic View can offer plant suggestions based not only on plant specifications, but also on extensive hands-on experience with the local landscape—knowing what works well in the area and what does not.

In addition to sharing knowledge and expertise, Rustic View also offers a place to actually see and experience well-designed landscapes.

We are building working displays throughout Rustic View’s property, so that people have an opportunity to experience an outdoor living area and dream about what could be done at their own properties.

We’ve created an environment for people who share our enthusiasm for landscapes to learn about what products may be the best fit for their own outdoor spaces.

Rustic View offers a full range of landscaping products, including trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, soils, mulches, seeds, fertilizers—as well as a great selection of outdoor living furniture and accessories.

Education is key whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a contractor; we are ready and willing to share the time- and money-saving techniques we have learned over the years.