Beginning Your Garden

Beginning Your Garden

Planting a vegetable garden in the foothills of Virginia can be very rewarding. All around Lynchburg there is beauty from trees, garden, and vegetation.  However beginning your garden requires quite a bit of thought and consideration. Regardless of whether you are a beginner in this or you’ve some solid experience, planting a plot or a pot is something which requires planning. If you want to grow your own organic vegetables, there are a few things that you would definitely have to account for.

Start Your Garden Small

It’s better to be particularly proud of a smaller sized garden than to be utterly disappointed by one which is huge. One of the most common errors of the majority of the beginners is that they start planting a lot more than they’d consume or need. Unless you want to cause certain complications with your gardening and to work a lot more than you should, be very careful about your planting plan. Start small – it’s always a better idea.

Know How and When to Plant Your Garden

These are some of the first questions that you will have to account for when beginning your garden.

  • Plant in a very sunny location. Vegetables would need at least a total of about 6 hours of direct sunlight every consecutive day. The more they receive, the better they will taste and the greater your harvest will be – this is something that you will want to account for.
  • Mind the soil. You should always plant your vegetables in good soil. The roots will easily penetrate it in order to ensure that they get the necessary nutrients. This is why you might want to consider enriching it with soil if needed. You should also ensure that the drainage is proper so that the water doesn’t collect on top of all things nor does it drain away rapidly.
  • Space the crops properly in order to prevent the roots from tangling with each other. This could ruin the plant.
  • Use high-quality seeds. All seeds are not equal. Seed packages are already a lot less expensive than individual plants, and that’s something that you want to account for.

Plan the Plot Size

You should aim to start with a garden which isn’t larger than 16×10 feet, and it should feature crops which are overly easy to grow. The size of the plot is based on the vegetables that you would want to plant. However, make sure to be overly considerate in this regard in order to ensure that you have the optimal growing conditions.

There is nothing overly complicated when it comes to it, but you need to ensure that everything is handled properly. Take the aforementioned advice in account, and this is going to make sure that you get a proper garden growing. You will be capable of enjoying your own vegetables before long, believe me; they taste a lot better than the ones that you buy from the grocery store.

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