What Trees Are and Are Not Safe for Your Yard

If they are planted right, trees can be a beautiful centerpiece in your yard. However, it is important to select these trees carefully. Some of them can offer elegance and privacy while others may create a hazard. Here are the reasons why you should or shouldn’t plant certain trees in your yard.

Trees to Avoid: Falling Branches

There are some trees you shouldn’t plant in your yard because their branches, bark, or trunks are prone to falling off. Pear trees, willows, sycamores, silver maples, oaks, and eucalyptuses are notoriously for have their branches fall off. These branches fall off for a variety of reasons. Willows and silver maples grow so big that the tree cannot support the weight of the branches, causing them to drop. Others, like the eucalyptus and pear trees have weak bark, which allows for limbs to break off more easily. In order to keep your children and house safe, do not plant these trees in your yard.

Trees to Avoid: Allergies

If you have seasonal allergies, there are certain trees you should avoid planting near your house. Mountain cedars, walnut trees, oaks, pines, mulberries, and juniper trees produce a lot of pollen. When these trees bloom in the spring, their pollen will be released, and it will be a nightmare for your allergies.

Trees to Avoid: Invasive Root Systems

Some trees have rapidly growing root systems that can damage your house’s foundation, pipes, and irrigation systems. Aspens, willows, American Elms, and maples have huge root systems. Some, like the aspen, can even spread out across multiple acres. These tree’s roots can inflict costly damages to your home. Once these trees are planted, it is also very hard to remove them because of their huge root systems. Therefore, you should avoid planting these trees in the first place.

Trees that are Safe to Plant

While there are a lot of trees that can be damaging, there are also many that are harmless to plant near your house. Hawthorne trees, magnolias, hollies, spruce trees, crepe myrtles, and evergreen trees are all generally safe to plant near your house. These trees do not have invasive root systems and do not typically grow big enough to have damaging branches fall off. While all trees release pollen, these trees are typically better with allergies.

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