Build A Backyard Pond

Advantages of Having Ponds in Your Yard

Backyard Ponds can be a cheap and easy way to increase your property’s value and appeal while giving life to your backyard. There are many different types of ponds that can fit almost any landscaping situation. CLC Landscaping can install waterfalls, above-ground ponds, in-ground ponds, or specialty ponds. These ponds can vary in size and depth, making it possible to fit a pond in almost any backyard.

Some types of ponds will be better matches than others depending on where you live, what your local homeowners restrictions are, etc.  There are many different depths and sizes of ponds that must be considered. If you are considering installing a pond, the best way to see if it will fit would be to contact us for a free consultation so we can send out a professional landscaper who has worked with ponds in the past. From there we can give you estimates on ponds and recommendations for which pond to install for a reasonable price.

In Lynchburg specifically, it is typically better to keep your ponds shallow if you want them for landscaping design and attraction. The reason for this is because deeper ponds can attract more unwanted critters, and can also be more conducive to algae growth. On the other hand, if you want a pond to stock with fish there are plenty of areas locally that take these larger ponds and do very well!

Ponds and Your Lawn

As you probably know, grass takes a lot of water to stay green, especially in the summer. However, this can be significantly mitigated by having a ponds in your yard. The water in these ponds can seep into the soil and water grasses’ roots. This means that you could potentially spend significantly less time watering your grass and much less money keeping it green! Add even more life to your new backyard with a variety of gorgeous water plants that will also thrive and help water your lawn. Take your backyard up a notch by adding a pond today!

Let’s add some life to your backyard today!

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