Cozy And Welcoming Outdoor Fireplace Options

Are you remodeling your outdoor space? Then perhaps you might want to install an outdoor fireplace. Just imagine relaxing in front of the fire during the frosty winter nights or keeping your family and friends warm and comfortable while throwing an outdoor dinner party. Of course, many people don’t think about installing a fireplace outdoors, but it can be a wonderful outdoor feature that will foreground any space by adding a warmer and a more welcoming character to the place.

Built-in fireplace or portable fire pit

You’ll find that when it comes to outdoor fireplace designs, there are a only two basic options. There are built-in and portable hearths. You can select the one that will best fit your needs. Portable fireplaces are highly sought-after for the numerous advantages they have. They impart beautiful aesthetic and lessen the inconveniences of keeping up an open fireplace as they can be easily moved from one place to another. On the other hand, a built-in fireplace is an ideal choice when a sturdy year-round outdoor fireplace presence is needed, such as permanent architecture surrounding the patio or pool area.

Choose the right materials

Of course, you definitely want a design that is going to hold up well if you install a fireplace outdoors. Some of the best choices for the outdoors include brick, rock, and stone. If you want something that will undoubtedly look impressive, marble, granite, brick, slate, and limestone are all solid and they look wonderful too. These materials are all very sturdy and they will hold up well, even when exposed to natural elements such as rain, snow or dust. They are easy for you to clean as well, which is important. Just remember that some of these materials can be quite expensive, so really consider how much you can afford before you decide on the material you want for your fireplace

Safety measures

The location of the fireplace is going to be critical as well. You don’t want the fireplace to pose as a fire hazard, which can be a disaster. Make sure you plan out the location so it will be in a safe place. You should also ensure it is put in a place where guests will be at a safe distance from it too. They should be able to feel the warmth, but they should have at least three feet of distance from the fireplace when it is installed. Make sure that any materials you buy meet fire safety standards as well so there are no accidents.

With the crackling sounds, the flickering flames, and the warmth it provides, having an outdoor fireplace is a wonderful option. An outdoor fireplace will certainly make your patios and garden areas a better place for family gatherings.

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