Gardening For Children

Girl(3-5) with mud hands

Gardening can be fun for Children

If you’ve ever started a garden while having children around, you’ve probably experienced them rummaging through your produce. Children love to play in gardens and pick the “neat-looking” vegetables in them. However, you also probably know that this can damage the garden. There is an easy solution to this. You can create a children’s garden.

The Benefits of Children Gardening

For most parents, it is important to teach their children responsibility and perseverance. Gardening provides an excellent opportunity to do this. Taking care of plants requires tender care, diligence, and patience—all of which can be taught by gardening. When gardening, plants often die for a variety of reasons. They can die because they’re malnourished, lacking water, not put in the right amount of sun, or just unlucky. Often times, it takes a few attempts before you can really yield healthy produce. Doing so, and letting children experience failure and success when planting can teach them patience, a much needed skill. For this reason, it is a great idea to teach children to garden, so they can acquire these traits early on.

According to some reports, gardening can also affect children’s academic performance. Many tests have shown that children who start gardening at a young age become more interested in science because they get to watch science take place as pants grow. Gardening can teach children about scientific processes, giving them a leg up on their peers. Not to mention, that gardening gives children a better understanding of nutrition, making them healthier on average.

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