How to Pick The Best Christmas Tree

The best and most fun part about the Christmas season is choosing the perfect Christmas tree. Choosing the right Christmas tree is more involved than you’d expect since there are so many different types and options.

Live Vs Artificial Trees

One of the most common debates about Christmas Trees are whether you should choose a live or artificial tree for your home. There’s no one correct answer, what’s best for your family should decide what kind of tree you choose.

Live Christmas Trees

A live tree is traditional, and is significantly less expensive than its artificial cousin. There are also many different species of live tree so you can choose your favorite, whether spruce, pine, or even cypress.

It’s also a fun outing to go choose your Christmas Tree. Some tree farms will allow you to choose a tree in mid-late November, then come back and chop it down yourself when you’re ready to decorate it. Other types of tree farms, garden centers, and pop-up Christmas Tree salesmen have different things for shoppers to do, or food and drink to purchase.

However, live Christmas trees can aggravate allergies in some people. They can be messy to get in and out of your home when the needles fall everywhere. Pets, particularly cats, enjoy chewing on the branches which can make them sick.

Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial trees can make the season easier for you and your family. Many of them come pre-lit, and are a matter of a few minutes to set up. However, they are significantly more expensive than a live tree, unless you find them on sale (usually right after Christmas is a good time).  While artificial trees can be made to mimic Firs and Spruces, they are not made to mimic Cypress trees.

Choosing a Live Tree

If you choose a live Christmas tree this season, make sure that you’re getting the absolute best tree possible for your home. Here are a few helpful tips to help you choose a tree for your home this holiday season.

Choose the Right Size Tree

Before you decide on a Christmas tree, make sure you know what size tree can fit in your space. Not all ceilings are the same height, so make sure that you don’t choose a tree that’s too tall for your home. Make sure you measure the width of the space you have as well. You don’t want a tree that’s too wide either, otherwise the branches will be crushed and it will be difficult to hang ornaments.

Once you’ve checked the space you have for the tree, clean it up so it’s ready. Clear out any furniture, clutter or toys around the space and put your tree stand in the middle of the space.

Don’t Forget To Get A Tree Stand

Speaking of a tree stand, you should also make sure you have the correct stand stand. Different species of tree have different sized trunks, so make sure your tree will fit your stand, or vice versa. If you are planning to bring home a large tree this year, invest in a bigger stand.

Check for Fresh Trees

When you choose your tree, make sure that the tree is as fresh as possible, not wilting or dying early in the season. A fresh and well tended tree can last over a month in your home without beginning to turn brown. Fresh cut trees have dark green needles, an older tree will have lighter green or brown needles.

Check the branches by grabbing one of them between your thumb and forefinger and pulling it gently. Dead or old trees will feel hard and unforgiving, while fresh trees will have some give and bounce.

You should also crush the needles in your hand to see if they have a scent or not. Trees that don’t smell strongly of sap are not fresh and will not last very long in your home.

Wrap the Tree Professionally

Before you are ready to take home the perfect tree from the tree lot, ask the seller to put it through a shaker. If they don’t have one, a rigorous bounce will also work. This will shake off all the dead needles stuck in the branches, as well as prevent bugs or animals from coming home with your tree.

Make sure the tree is professionally wrapped in netting or twine for hassle-free transportation. If possible, you want to use a vehicle with a roof rack or a truck to transport your tree, but if you don’t have one you can strap the tree to your car’s roof.

FFir Trees Make The Best Christmas Treesir Trees Are Best For Christmas Trees

Fir trees are one of the best types of Christmas trees, primarily because they hold their needles longest by far. They have a pyramid shape and tiered branches that make them easy to decorate. The needles of a fir tree are soft to touch, and they fill the house with a delightful fragrance.

The most popular Christmas tree is Fraser fir. Douglas fir, Noble Fir, and Balsam Fir are also good options.

Whether you choose a live or artificial tree, many of these tips will serve you well. Make sure you get in touch with a professional if you want to know more about picking the right Christmas tree. At Rustic View Home and Gardens, we keep Christmas trees in stock during the holiday season so you can get the perfect one.

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