How to Pick Your Best Christmas Tree Ever

Your holiday decor will remain incomplete until you make sure you have the perfect Christmas tree. Choosing the right Christmas tree is more involved than you’d expect because there are so many options in the market. Here are a few helpful tips to help you choose the perfect Christmas tree this holiday season.

Get the Right Size Tree

Before you decide on a Christmas tree, make sure you know what size tree can fit in your space. Once you’ve checked the space you have for the tree, clean it up so it’s ready. Don’t let the branches get smushed against the wall!

You should also make sure you have the correct stand stand because different species of tree have different sized trunks. If you are planning to bring home a large tree this year, invest in a bigger stand.

Shop local for a fresh and healthy tree this holiday season!

Check for Fresh Trees

It is always best to bring home a Christmas tree that’s actually alive or at least not so dead one. You can check the branches by grabbing one of them between your thumb and forefinger and pulling it gently. Dead or old trees will feel hard and unforgiving, while fresh trees will have some give and bounce. You should also crush the needles in your hand to see if it has a scent or not. If you do not find enough smell in the tree, don’t buy it.

Wrap the Tree Professionally

Before you are ready to take home the Christmas tree, ask the seller to put it through a shaker. If they don’t have one, a rigorous bounce will also work. This will shake off all the dead needles stuck in the branches.

Make sure the tree is professionally wrapped in netting or twine for hassle-free transportation. If possible, you want to use a vehicle with a roof rack or a truck to transport your tree, but if you don’t have one you can use your car’s roof.

Fir Trees Are Your Best Bet

Fir trees hold their needles longest by far. They have a pyramid shape and tiered branches that make them easy to decorate. The needles of a fir tree are soft to touch, and they fill the house with a delightful fragrance. The most popular Christmas tree is Fraser fir. Noble fir and White Fir are also good options.

Hope you found these tips handy! You should get in touch with a professional if you want to know more about picking the right Christmas tree. At Rustic View Home and Gardens, we have a team of experts who can help you pick the right Christmas tree for this holiday season

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