Is a Gas or Wood Burning Fire Pit Right for You?

Building an outdoor fireplace can bring fun to your yard

Installing an outdoor fire pit is a great way to make your yard a fun place to hang out with friends and family. From cookouts to s’mores, or even just sitting around the warm, flickering flames, a fire pit is a great way to open up your home. It also makes it more comfortable to be outside at night, even in late fall coolness.

What to Consider When Choosing Between Gas and Wood

When it comes to choosing fire pits for your yard, there are quite a few options available. The two most common options are gas and wood fire pits. Before choosing between them, make sure you’re choosing the type of fire pit that works best for you!

Fuel Availability

Gas fire pits require natural gas or liquid propane for burning. On the other hand, dry wood is required for the wood fire pits. Before choosing between them, you need to know what type of fuel is easiest and most cost effective for you to get.

For example, if you live in a remote rural area with ample firewood, a wood fire pit is probably a better option. But, if you already have a home with a propane line, a gas fire pit would work just as well.

Installation And Starting the Fire

Starting a Wood Fire can take a whileBuilding and installing a wood fire pit is fairly simple. You need only a metal frame and brick or stone over the top. Make sure the pit is at a decent distance from the home. You can also buy simple metal fire pits for your back yard from home improvement stores or garden centers.

However, you can’t ignore the fact that you have to spend a lot of time stacking, ordering, seasoning and carrying the wood throughout the year. And it can take a long time to build up a good, warm fire with wood.

On the other hand, you don’t need to do much to start a gas fire. Most of the time you’ll just need to press a button or flip a switch.

Installation is much trickier on a gas fireplace, as well as much more expensive. If you don’t already have a gas line set up for your home, you’ll have to have a tank and line installed. Even if you do, it’s safer to allow an expert to do your installation.

Existing Landscaping

Your aesthetic preferences are also really important. A more rustic area might benefit from a wood burning fire pit. If you have lots of detailed landscaping, or a pre-existing outdoor living area, a gas burning fire pit with lava rock in the bottom might work better.


If you have seasonal allergies or respiratory problems, the smoke from a wood burning fire pit can make you cough. The smoke and the coughing together aggravate asthma and similar issues.

A gas fire doesn’t irritate allergies and asthma. If you still want the smell of a traditional fire, there are quite a few candles that mimic the smell without causing irritation!


Safety always comes first, whether you are looking for a wood fire pit or a gas fire pit. If you have a gas fire pit, you need to check the gas lines regularly for any leaks as they can be deadly. These fire pits can require more maintenance than a wood burning one.

Wood burning fire pits are usually a lot easier; they don’t need much work. If you have a metal fire pit, make sure to clean it out before you start a fire in it. Storing it upside down can prevent buildup of debris and water. The wood pile can also hide insects and snakes though, so be careful when stacking and chopping wood.

Convenience and comfort

Starting a wood burning fire can be a tough and frustrating job. With a propane fire pit, you can enjoy warmth and family without any hassle.  Also, it is easy to clean up after use and you don’t have to worry about irritating smoke.

Both gas and wood fire pits are good in their own ways. Ultimately, the decision depends on what is going to work the best for your family’s health, time, decor, and preferences.

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