Our full service landscaping services include curb appeal, landscape design, excavation, lawn installation, retaining walls, and more, all to help improve the appearance of your yard.

Our professional landscape design and build team can assist you with more than just your landscape, but also with the design and layout of hardscapes (driveways, sidewalks, pavers, retaining walls, and water features, etc.) Our professional designers and their installation teams provide consistent quality and craftsmanship in all we do and take great pride in our work.


Beautiful curb appeal is one of the best ways to make a first impression on potential customers. You want to make sure your entire property looks well manicured and neat- increasing the professionalism of your image.


CLC offers commercial lawn care for your townhome community, college, office building, industrial complex, or other commercial property. We work directly with you to ensure that your business is attractive to passers by and prospective visitors!


Great landscaping starts with proper tree and shrub care. It is true that large, well-established and healthy trees may not need much supplemental feeding, but fertilizing smaller trees and shrubs will pay big dividends in return for your feeding investment during their first several years on your property. Your payback will include better resistance to disease.


CLC offers excavation services for projects that require installation or removal. We offer stump removal, custom digging, excavation, and more. Our expert team is careful to avoid over-excavating the areas where digging is required and avoiding excessive driving over the delicate root zones of landscape trees.


CLC offers full service landscape design and build can help you improve the appearance of your property. An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a grill, a sink, and a refrigerator built into an outdoor bar, or they can become very detailed and include items like ice machines, cabinets, drawers and even pergolas.


Grading is a very important part of any landscape design. When building a new home or renovating your backyard you want a smooth, even yard that you can use for outdoor activities and fun. Landscapers often don't have the equipment or expertise to create the perfect grade, but CLC has all the tools and expertise to prepare your yard and grade it properly. Most Lynchburg lots will require a topsoil covering of at least 3 to 6 inches once properly graded and leveled. Adequate soil will allow for proper root development and reduce watering requirements throughout the growing season.

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  • “Dear Chris – I want to let you know how happy I am with my new backyard. It is better than I expected it would be and was by far the smoothest home improvement project I have ever completed. (The crew) was incredibly professional and paid attention to every detail of the project. I am very confident in their workmanship and was amazed by how hard they worked during what was extreme heat. Thank you again for a great job. We’ll enjoy our backyard for a long time.”
  • “Trevor – Thank you for your amazing work restoring my pavers. The driveway looks great – as good as new. After all of the rain we had the last few days – the bottom of the driveway held up – no water! Great job!”
  • We are enjoying our new patio immensely! Glenn and the crew did a great job, giving attention to detail, and very willing to explain how the job would progress. I was pleased with your diligent efforts and professionalism for a job well done.
  • Super knowledgeable staff. They really care about your landscaping and gardening needs. Highly recommend!
    Ryan C.