Spring is almost here and it is that time of the year when the scents of blossoming gardens will return to the air. It's the best opportunity to start a few projects in your backyard to get that spring-ready garden up in no time. Here are some considerations to outfit your backyard for spring:

Spring Turf Care:

Make your yard spring-ready with these tips

Spring is finally here and it is that time of the year with vibrant green lawns, and scents of blossoming gardens in the air. Now is a great opportunity to start a few projects in your backyard to prepare your lawn for spring and see how your yard has fared over winter. This is also prime time to begin a fun, simple, outdoor project by outlining and designing a gorgeous, spring-ready garden.

Here are some landscaping ideas and spring lawn care considerations to outfit your backyard for the spring growing season:

What type of lawn do you want?

The first step to obtaining a beautiful springtime garden is to work out specifically how you want the lawn. Start this process in early spring and determine specific features you want to incorporate in your landscape design. What kind of plants and fertilizer do you want? What kind of features? Would you rather go with a traditional or a contemporary feel? Take some time out for research – look at home and garden pictures on the internet, talk to the neighboring homeowners, read gardening magazines and keep a tab on the features you truly like.

Work out how many garden beds or plants do you want. If you don’t enjoy gardening or just don’t have the time, consider more concrete or pebbled areas. Also, keep your budget in mind and only incorporate the elements you can actually afford.

Gather your seeds and soil

Good soil is the essence of exceptional lawns with plants. Nothing could be more dispiriting than plants that succumb to poor soil. You can add organic matter such as compost to your lawn, soil, or replace the entire soil with a higher quality alternative plant food.

Pay attention to fertilizer labeled with an NPK ratio. The NPK ratio consists of numbers following a fertilizer brand name. The numbers correspond to the percentage of those elements – N, P and K – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These elements are particularly great for strong, healthy plant growth.

Grass seed is another great affordable item to help patch up any bare areas of your lawn. Make sure the seeds are pushed slightly in the ground. This helps ensure a more efficient growth of thick, lush grass blades.

Choose the right plants

Getting the soil right is necessary, and so is choosing your plant. Make a listing of the kinds of plants you want and stick to them. Try to adhere to only the native plant species as they require less maintenance.

Try a colorful array of flowers or a specific color palette to use in your front yard to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Add a water feature

Keeping a well-maintained lawn is a great place for unwinding after a long day at work. But, did you know that your lawn area can look and feel even more tranquil and relax with just one tiny addition? A water feature – Water features are stunning and add a huge wow factor to yards.

Water features come in all shapes, sizes, types and feels, from luxurious fishponds to simplistic urns encompassed by pebbles. A well-placed, simple feature can have just as huge of an impact as the most detailed structures – with a minimal amount of maintenance.

So, what are you waiting for? Install a water feature in your yard and transform your boring, uninviting landscape into exciting scenery. Create your own secluded outdoor haven and get immense joy and satisfaction with the fulfillment of a spring-ready garden.




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